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Here at CrossFit Reedville, located in Hillsboro, Oregon, we believe in empowering our community to transform their lives through fitness & nutrition using the CrossFit methodology.

We cultivate a vibrant, welcoming fitness community for all backgrounds and through our exceptional coaching; we make sure our members improve their movement mechanics and consistency while working within their skill and fitness level.

We work hard together, but we also have a lot of fun together.


We believe what you’re doing inside the gym should support your lifestyle & health outside the gym. 

And that you shouldn't be bored with your fitness routine.

You deserve individualized coaching, nutrition guidance, a community atmosphere and results!

And that's what we offer.

All that's required:

1) You're willing to be part of a great community, and;

2) You're ready to put in the work.

We also believe you already have what it takes to improve your fitness and health, you just need a place that supports your goals and keeps you accountable. That's why we're here.


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2) Show up 10 minutes before your class so you can tell us about you and your goals, learn about who we are, and how we can help! We also offer a complimentary 1-on-1 consult to make sure you get the best start possible.

3) Join our supportive community as we all work hard and have a lot of fun, no matter if you're competitive or just trying to be your healthiest self!

If you're not sure about joining group classes, send us a message and we would be more than happy to sit down and chat with you about getting started with either a Foundations Course, or 1-on-1 personal training.


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Nutrition Coaching

  • Do you want to improve your health and learn how to live a healthy lifestyle?
  • Do you want to gain muscle, lose body fat, and improve your fitness?
  • Do you find yourself getting stuck and not knowing what to do to reach your goals?

To truly optimize health and fitness, you have to spend time focusing on your nutrition. 

In the words of CrossFit "Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat."

With nutrition coaching you get individualized guidance to reach your specific goals- whether that is learning how to eat so that your body feels its best, supporting peak athletic performance, or improving overall body composition- our certified nutrition coaches are able to help you succeed!

Learn more about our nutrition coaching program by clicking here. 

Monthly Memberships include a 1x monthly InBody Scan (to track overall body composition changes), as well as access to our exclusive Eat, Recover, and Perform Better programming which provides members with general information/resources on nutrition, athletic recovery, sleep, and stress management.

CrossFit Classes

Join like-minded individuals who don't mind a little hard work and a lot of camaraderie!

"CrossFit was founded in 2001 and can be used to accomplish any goal, from improved health to better performance. CrossFit is so effective it may feel like magic, but in truth, it’s a formula — a formula that works. It’s the formula for everything we do, from forging elite fitness to preventing and reversing chronic disease. It’s the inputs that give us the outcomes, the results that have revolutionized an industry and changed millions of lives for the better." -CrossFit.com

No matter if you are brand new to fitness or are a veteran CrossFit athlete, our experienced coaches will lead you through each class, making sure you are modifying appropriately to receive the intended stimulus and to keep you moving safely! Reserve classes conveniently through Wodify.

Nutrition is the foundational element of CrossFit, that's why we provide nutrition education for all of our members and have additional personalized nutrition coaching options available.

CrossFit workouts are challenging but worth the effort. And your effort is measurable and you’re going to share your results with visible scores on the whiteboard. This fosters accountability and courage. And because CrossFit workouts can be scaled for anyone — meaning we adjust our workouts by degree, not kind — everyone knows the challenge you’ve faced and you're respected and welcomed for your effort no matter who you are or where you land on the whiteboard. These are key ingredients that build genuine camaraderie.

Olympic Weightlifting Class

This barbell-only class focuses on the two olympic weightlifting movements; Snatch and Clean & Jerk.  

During class, which is led by USAW-certified Coach Em (Emily), each lift will be broken down so you will be able to master each movement.  

Please inquire for currently scheduled classes.

This class is automatically included in our class memberships.

5- and 10- Class Passes are also available, please see the "Memberships" tab at the top of the page.

24/7 Gym Access

Open Gym Memberships available for those who want 24/7 gym access, excluding class participation.  

Please contact us at [email protected] to get set up.

Individuals who are signed up for the Monthly Membership receive 24/7 access as a benefit of their membership.

Personal Training & Foundations Class

  • Brand new to CrossFit and want to learn the foundational movements in a small group or 1-on-1 setting?
  • Looking for a customized workout program to reach a specific goal?
  • Want 1-on-1 attention to master certain movements like Olympic lifting, gymnastics, etc?

Whether new or experienced, our coaches can work with you 1-on-1 to get your ready for group classes, help you master movements or create a specific program for your needs to ensure maximum results.

Please see the "Memberships" tab above to view available packages.  

Class members also receive a 20% off personal training.




























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