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Whether your new to CrossFit or a seasoned veteran, all classes begin with a coach demonstrating each of the movements and regressions used for the daily workouts. No matter what your skill, strength or ability level you will pick the movement that best fits your needs and continue to build upon these during our daily workouts. No previous physical skills or athletic abilities are required. We can scale the exercises and movements to fit anyone’s ability, needs or limitations.

After the demonstration, we begin a short warm-up allowing you plenty of time to learn, familiarize and practice the movements. This is also your time to ask any questions and allow our coaches time to walk around and make any corrections to the movements or weight due to varying ability levels.

Whatever your current level of conditioning, our daily workouts are fully scalable to meet your personal needs or limitations. Each participant will receive personal instruction and coaching so anyone can do CrossFit!


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If you are ready to join CrossFit Code Red, choose a membership that best fits your workout needs.