Gym Rules

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As we continue to expand and grow, safety is always are number one concern for our members and our coaches. We have put together a few gym rules. Please take a look so we can continue to keep everyone safe, the gym clean, and the equipment working properly.


Gym Rules

  • Sign in – Please print first and last name
  • If you have any injuries, be sure to let us know so we can work around them
  • Don’t tie knots in the jump ropes
  • Keep hands and chalk over the buckets
  • Wait until everyone has finished their workout before putting away equipment
  • Put equipment back where you got it
  • No children allowed in the gym unless accompanied by non participating adult
  • CHEER on your fellow competitors!


Olympic Lifting Rules

  • Set Olympic bars up on the lines and stay on the lines
  • Don’t drop the Olympic bars if there are no bumper plates on them
  • Bumper plates must be secured to bars by locking collars regardless of weight
  • When removing your bumper plates, make sure not to drop them on the locking collars
  • Control your weights – All weights need to be lowered to the ground under control