Did CrossFit Make Me Fat?

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Did Crossfit Make Me Fat?

Sweat is burning your eyes. Lactic acid is burning your thighs. You’re killing the workout, moving faster than you ever thought you could. The coach shouts, “Sixty seconds!” Someone else shouts, “Think about that bowl of ice cream later!”

Lying on the floor you think, yes, I deserve that ice cream. I made it to class in spite of the long workweek, in spite of the dreadful heat. You go home and grab a bowl of ice cream and it tastes better than you remember. You punished yourself in that last sixty seconds. You have a second bowl.

You continue this process: ice cream, doughnuts, burgers, fries, chips, pizza etc. after each and every workout you crush. The next time you jump on the scale you’re heavier than you were last week. You worked out every day. You crushed those workouts. What happened?

Over the years I continue to see this trend. Athletes putting in the work, crushing their workouts and completely sabotaging their results. I get it. I know the feeling. I struggle with this temptation myself.  After a long day of coaching (and trying to squeeze in my own workouts) I have a hard time resisting a bowl of ice cream or pizza. However, this “reward” is actually a punishment.

Diet and nutrition can be extremely complicated, but the fundamental principle is pretty simple: More calories in and fewer calories out = weight gain. My thought is we sometimes underestimate how many calories we actually burn during a workout and how much we consume as our post-workout “reward.”

This means we need to know how many calories we actually burn during one hour of Crossfit. This can be another complicated equation so let’s not get too involved with it. Let’s just say we burn between 400 and 600 calories on average. That probably doesn’t sound like a lot given how exhausted and hungry you feel after a workout. For most of us, a one hour class is just enough to provide the caloric deficit we need for weight loss. Follow that up with a 1000 calorie meal and rather than creating a caloric deficit for weight loss, you’ve actually created a surplus. Do that 3-4 times in a week and you’ve gained nearly one pound of body fat.

Next time you hear someone shout, “Think about the ice cream!”, keep that formula in mind. Those extra reps in the last 60 seconds weren’t enough to burn off our indulgences and unfortunately, neither was that whole workout. If you happen to see a pound or two more the next time you step on the scale, don’t only ask yourself if you’ve been working out hard enough. Remember to also ask if you’ve been rewarding yourself with the right post-workout nutrition.

How well do you know your coaches?

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crossfit-code-red-coachesCrossFit Code Red, how well do you know your coaches? Go to our website and check out their bio’s and learn more about them including two of your newest coaches, Brit and Andrew.

Just as we ask the very best from our athletes, we ask the very best from our coaches. That is why we carefully select and train the most dedicated coaches around and continue their education through various forms of training, clinics and certifications throughout the year. We also believe that having a large group of coaches, all with their own unique certifications and training methodologies will greatly increase your chances for success.




Next FitKids Session starts April 18th

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The next session of FitKids will start April 18th!

If you have children interested in working out or you  would like them to start working out, this is program will inspire them to live healthier lifestyles while teaching them the importance of proper body mechanics, teamwork, leadership and confidence.

Signups are on the gym bulletin board, or be sure to let me know ASAP so we can get them registered. If you have any questions, please let me know.


Free Week Trial and Half Off Your First Month at CrossFit Code Red

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Free week trial and half off your first month at CrossFit Code Red.

After witnessing how amazing all of the CrossFit Code Red athletes were this weekend competing in the last CrossFit Open workout of 2015, and how amazing they were in coming together on short notice to raise over $2400 and counting for Joel’s surgery expenses. We decided to invite all NEW and PAST members back to CrossFit Code Red with this amazing deal.

It’s back!!!! CrossFit Code Red now offers a FREE WEEK trial to all new CrossFitter’s. In celebration of bringing back the FREE WEEK trial, we would like to invite all “NEW” and “PAST” members back to see what’s new and what’s happening at CrossFit Code Red. This is a great opportunity to get started and get back into shape before summer! But wait… there’s more!

To sweeten the deal, if you sign up “BEFORE” your FREE WEEK trial expires, we will give you 50% off your first month’s membership when you sign up on a month to month membership plan. No contract, just 30 day notice to cancel. Remember… YOU MUST sign up before your free week expires to get half off your first month. You must also start your free week trial before April 30th to qualify for the half off your first month of CrossFit special.

Getting started is simple, just go to our website and register for your FREE WEEK trial. If you have any issues registering, just come in and we will set you up.

2015 CrossFit Open season, BBQ Potluck, Fundraiser Wrap Up

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crossfit-code-red-2015-crossfit-open-season-wrap-up2015 CrossFit Open Season, BBQ Potluck, Fundraiser Wrap Up.

It was awesome to watch all of the athletes compete in the 2015 CrossFit Open. The coaches and I couldn’t be more proud of all your hard work and dedication. Seeing athletes push themselves and accomplish more than what they thought possible was incredible. Some achieved their first muscle ups and hand stand push-ups. Some achieved their first chest to bar pull-ups and toes to bar. But most importantly, everyone had fun and inspired others!

As it came to an end we decided to wrap it up with the usual end of the season BBQ potluck. We also added a last minute fundraiser to raise money for fellow CrossFit Code Red athlete, Joel Barrus to help offset some of the surgery costs for an operation needed due to a rare condition in the eyes called Keratoconus. The amazing community at CrossFit Code Red came together to raise over $2400 dollars to cover some of Joel’s medical costs with more donations to come. You can still donate at:

I would just like to thank everyone who helped make this possible: Ai Zen and Forest Grove Spa for their gift card donations, Bite Fuel for coming out and providing delicious protein fueled snacks, Dayna Fjord Photography for taking action photos of all the athletes, my father who bought and manned the grill,
Coach Chuck for playing live music, and for all the amazing CrossFit Code Red athletes, friends and families who made this all possible.

Now that the season is a wrap, we will be back on track with normal programming while continuing to make CrossFit Code Red the best CrossFit gym to train at… period!

P.S. I am sorry I didn’t get a group picture taken earlier with everyone. With all that was going on it slipped my mind. However, I will be posting a link soon to Dayna Fjord Photography where you can view and purchase your workout pictures. All proceeds will go to Joel’s fundraiser.



CrossFit Games Open 15.3 Muscle Up

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Alright athletes, I know what most of you must be thinking… CRAP! Why does the CrossFit Games Open 15.3 have to start with muscle ups? Well let’s be honest, most of us didn’t participate in the Open to win the Games! We participated to challenge ourselves to be better and have fun, and what better way than muscle ups.

For some this will be a big day getting that first muscle up. We just had a female athlete get her first muscle up ever last night and I can’t wait to see others get their first as well. For others this might not happen. But again, let’s be honest, how much time have you spent practicing them?

With that being said, don’t hurt yourself trying to get a muscle up if you are not ready. It takes a lot of upper body strength and skill and cannot be learned over night by watching some videos. A good buffer and rule of thumb is, you need to be able to do at least 5-10 strict pull-ups and 5-10 strict ring dips before attempting a muscle up. If you do not, you could seriously hurt yourself so please keep that in mind. If you do have the strength there is nothing wrong with getting a few video pointers to help 😉

For most of you looking to complete 15.3 today. I would suggest doing it scaled first and then spending a few days practicing the muscle up before attempting it RX. And when 15.3 is over, don’t stop practicing your muscle ups 😉

Click HERE to watch Camille Lablanc-Bazinet do slow motion muscle ups.

CFCR Lurong Paleo Challenge Recap

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cfcr-lurong-resolution-challenge-2015The Lurong Paleo Challenge was one of the best nutrition challenges we have participated in as a box and now that it’s over that doesn’t mean you should stop! Not only did our athletes lose weight (some close to 20 lbs) they gained muscle and improved performance in just 8 weeks. Imagine the results if you keep that going.
Also remember that we have the Bod Pod for testing body compensation at the gym till 11/13/14 and now would be a great time to get your results. These are extremely important to monitor so you can see if what you are doing is working.
Sense the Lurong Paleo Challenge was such a huge success for everyone who participated. We will be doing it again for their Lurong Resolution Challenge starting January 15th. This is a 5 week challenge with 3 diet levels to meet your nutritional needs and goals. We will also bring the Bod Pod back for testing again before we start this challenge and again a few weeks after we finish so you can continue to track your progress.
For all of you who participated in the Lurong Paleo Challenge did an amazing job and it was awesome to see the improvements along the way. If you missed out on this one, be sure to sign up for the next one starting January 15th. We will post more about this when it is time to sign up.

Gobbler Gauntlet 2014 Recap

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crossfit-code-red-at-gobbler-gauntlet-2014Gobbler Gauntlet 2014 Recap:

I just want to say that it was truly inspiring to watch all 8 teams (24 athletes) compete yesterday in the Gobbler Gauntlet. From competition seasoned vets to the first timers you all did an amazing job representing CrossFit Code Red. Take what you have learned from this competition and keep applying it to your every day training.

I also want to thank all the athletes and friends who came out to watch and support those competing. Without your support it just wouldn’t be as fun! Every day we continue to grow stronger and stronger and the coaches couldn’t be more proud of all your hard work and dedication. We have truly built a community of hard working athletes who support each other, and for that I want to say…

Thank You!

Bod Pod coming to CrossFit Code Red November 9th

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the-bod-pod-crossfitThe Bod Pod will be at the gym Sunday Nov 9th through Thursday Nov 13th.

The Bod Pod is one of the most accurate ways to get your body fat and lean body mass percentages and it takes about 5-10 min. Continually testing your body fat and lean body mass will help you dial in your training and nutrition. We all have different goals of losing fat, gaining muscle. It’s important to see how these two differ depending on your program and to determine if what you are doing is working or if it needs tweaking.

This is a great time for everyone to get their results and especially for those of you who have just finished the Lurong Challenge.

All testing will be done in complete privacy behind closed doors, no one will see you or your results! Cost for the test is $35.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge at CrossFit Code Red

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crossfit-code-red-als-ice-bucket-challengeIn case you missed out on Friday’s class, all of the CrossFit Code Red coaches and athletes were nominated for the ALS ice bucket challenge. If you don’t know what the challenge is all about please visit this link HERE first!

What made this challenge hit even closer to home was that one of our athletes father is also suffering from ALS, so it was special to us to raise awareness, take the challenge and donate to this cause.

Please continue to support this special cause by taking the challenge and donating!

CrossFit Code Red coaches and athletes, consider this post your 24 hour notice to complete the challenge. You can donate HERE. Make sure you post your videos!