At CrossFit Code Red, the safety for our members and coaches is our number one priority. As a way to help keep everyone safe, gear in proper working condition, and the gym clean, we have established a few rules and box etiquette that will help us in doing so.

Gym Rules and Etiquette

  • Be on time
  • Check your ego at the door
  • Sign in
  • Have a good attitude, be friendly and introduce yourself to someone new
  • Cheer on your fellow CrossFitter’s
  • Don’t interrupt your coaches by setting up equipment until instructed to do so
  • Clean up after yourself and put equipment back where you got it
  • Wait until everyone has finished the workout before putting equipment away
  • Do not drag the boxes and equipment (pick it up and carry it)
  • Don’t cheat your reps! How you perform in here is how you perform out there!
  • Always use full range of motion (lighter and lower is better than heavier and higher)
  • If you have any injuries, let us know
  • Don’t tie knots in the jump ropes
  • Do not jump rope on any surface other than the mats (it will wear out the wires on the ropes)
  • Scale your workouts appropriately!
  • Post your WOD results
  • Control your weights – All weights must to be lowered to the ground under control


Olympic Lifting Rules and Etiquette

  • Set Oly bars on the lines and stay on the lines
  • No “Dirty Loading” (loading heavier plates over lighter plates)
  • Bumper plates must be secured to bars with locking collars regardless of weight
  • Unload Olympic bars evenly when on the racks. Taking too much off one side could flip the bar
  • DO NOT drop the Olympic bars if there are no bumper plates on them!
  • Don’t drag the Olympic bars sideways with weights on them. It will ruin the metal collar inserts
  • Never throw bumper plates on the ground (they might bounce and roll into someone’s ankles)
  • When removing plates from the bar, do not drop them on the plastic collars (it will crack them)
  • Always control “bar bounce” – Oly bars must to be lowered to the ground under control


Kids Area Rules and Etiquette

  • Children must remain in the kids play area, nowhere else
  • Children are not allowed to play on or with any gym equipment
  • Parents must work out in an area visible and close to their child
  • Parents are responsible for attending to their child during class: Bathroom, whining, behavior etc…
  • Parents are responsible for keeping their child quiet while coaches are instructing
  • Toys or mess in the play area must be picked up and cleaned before leaving!
  • Parents are ultimately responsible for the care and safety of their child