About Us

At CrossFit Code Red our passion is not only for your fitness, but to help you surmount any challenge life throws at you. We are a community of diverse people with different goals, all sharing the same road to getting there. The CrossFit prescription to fitness is a broad, general and inclusive plan that utilizes methods of training and workout routines which work for everyone.

We value hard work and community above all else. Our daily workouts are truly more than the sum of their parts. You will leave here not only burning calories but with a feeling of accomplishment, breaking down walls and barriers while making new friends and becoming part of a community. When you leave our doors you will not only have taken a huge step towards your health and fitness, you will be on the road to being the best you.

Regardless of your fitness level, the methods we employ are fully scalable and separated only by degree of intensity. One thing is for certain, you can come as you are but you will leave MUCH stronger. We look forward to helping you on your fitness journey and welcome you to the CrossFit Code Red family.

At CrossFit Code Red, the fight is on… For your fitness!